Economic Technology Center

Accounts Receivable Financing:

Companies use receivables to stand as collateral for funding. Money owed by customers or outstanding invoices are also used to borrow money for company needs.

Purchase Order Financing:

Need a loan to fulfill an order? Maybe purchase order financing will solve the problem of limited funds. This assists a company that is not, in the business of creating items. Orders secured from a reliable source and sales to purchasers with excellent credit make it easy to obtain backing. In essence, sales that are a sure thing help gain funding best. Some lenders are willing to provide money so a client can effectively meet the purchase order when they are short of cash.

Asset-Based Lending:

This style of lending is secured when a company puts its assets against a loan. A list of things is considered; inventory, machinery and other things a company might own or consider of value. This direct lending is also termed commercial financing. These hard money transactions are common in the Real Estate industry. These above are only a few of the financial services open for new or established businesses.